The Sitting Hun

Portfolio & Brand of Atthar Mirza

The Sitting Hun began with my family. My cousins, little brother, and I grew up together in Seattle, WA. As my interest in film grew, they all got pulled along with me. Well, pulled along until they were old enough to realize they had their own interests.

When we began, we were pretty bad. Very bad, I’m not going to sugar coat it. I remember what I considered my best film at age 12 had blenders going off in the back and 5 minutes at a time of all of us simply wrestling. We also, almost always, had a family member just sitting in the background of at least one of our scenes.

When we came to the decision of going public with our projects, we all had to sit down and come up with a name. Recalling our ridiculous problem of some sitting relative ending up in the frame, we realized it gave our films character. It was an accidental trademark.

My uncle told me my family originates from the Mongols, and possibly directly from Atilla the Hun. I'm still not sure if he was joking, but I thought it was cool. It stuck with me anyway. Deciding that a “Hun” was something very impressive, we connected the dots and came up with The Sitting Hun Productions. Although both being a Hun and sitting around would never get you anywhere in the professional world, this name has a personal touch that makes it special. It has earned itself a spot at the top of our portfolio and the end of our films.

Atthar Mirza is a filmmaker, animator, and graphic designer. He loves motion graphics and 3D modeling because they are the best way to extract the images in his brain and bring them to life. Atthar has been doing professional freelance work since 2012, and is thankful the Mayans were wrong because he was just getting started. As an undergraduate 4th-year in the UVA Architecture school, his most recent project (and thesis) involves using virtual reality to effectively generate empathy for the refugee crisis.